Dive Carrer

Shark junior course

Yara started her underwater exploration at age of eight. Splashing in the sea and learning about the marine life in her first biology course (for kids): Shark Jr. She was hooked; when she completed 15 years old, she ‘broke her piggy bank’ and completed her open water diver. There was no way back…her destine was in the sea.

She wants others to see what she was seeing and love what she was/is in love. She was particularly interested in training local fisherman to become ocean guardians. Thus, in 2005 she became dive instructor. She taught ex-fisherman working at the Projetos Recifes Costeiros how to dive and soon their became reef monitors protecting the coast of the beautiful village of Tamandaré – PE, Brazil. She taught scientific diving at Projeto Recifes Costeiro and conducted over 3,000 scientific dives during her dive carrer.

In 2010 Yara completed her IANTD normoxic trimix and technical diver courses and started to explore new habitats and limits (and finding new species diving in never dived areas). The advantages of technical diving for science are tremendous as it allows you to go deeper and stay longer, even better if you can avoid bubbles. Thus, in 2013 she completed her IANTD evolution closed circuit rebreather course and now she can emerge in silence in the ocean, just like a fish. Finally in 2018 she completed her technical cave diving training and now she explores not only the oceans but the underground. The cave diving course also teaches you discipline and concentration and a range of techniques that are applied in a scientist diver life.


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