Article accepted! Six new species of nudibranchs =)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood news! Our article on the phylogeny of nudibranch Halgerda spp. has been accepted and soon will be published at the Invertebrates Systematics.

Systematics of the Genus Halgerda Bergh, 1880, (Heterobranchia: Nudibranchia) of Mozambique with Descriptions of Six New Species

Yara Tibirica , Marta Pola-Perez , Juan Lucas Cervera


The species of the genus Halgerda Bergh, 1880, are restricted to the Indo-Pacific; some being common inhabitants of reefs in Mozambique. These species have been relatively well studied morphologically, but few molecular data are available. During a seven-year period surveying the reefs of Mozambique, eleven Halgerda spp. were collected, six of which are described here. We provide details on their morphology, anatomy, novel genetic markers and additional information about their variation colour. The new species described herein are Halgerda leopardalis sp. nov., Halgerda mozambiquensis sp. nov., Halgerda jennyae sp. nov., Halgerda meringuecitrea sp. nov., Halgerda nuarroensis and Halgerda indotessellata sp. nov., the last of which was found to be a pseudocryptic species of Halgerda tessellata. Moreover, we identified two species complexes, one composed mainly of specimens from the Western Indian Ocean and another with specimens mostly from the Pacific Ocean and Western Australia.

IS17095  Accepted 04 July 2018

© CSIRO 2018

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